These are actual success stories which our clients have shared with us. Listen, watch, and read what these business leaders have to say about their results from working with the SBA Network.

Doubled Our Market Share!

Ian Mitchell
The Mitchell Group

mitchell group logo

We were tremendously successful before working with the SBA Network. However, after spending some time with their coaches, marketing team and technology group, we made significant changes to our organization. This included human development, re-branding, a new CRM system and several months implementing the marketing plan, we increased our sales 45% in the first year. Our market share has doubled and our new branding strategy now expresses an exclusive solution that has proven to be virus worthy. Already several competitors are trying to copy us. By the fourth year of implementing their strategies we increased sales and profitability four-fold! We have been one of very few mortgage bankers to survive in a failing industry.

Feel free to email me at ian@candoloan.com  if you need to talk to someone that has experience with this program.

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The Culture of Our Office Has Changed

northwestern mutual logoRandy Riley
Managing Director, Northwestern Mutual Life Inc., Southern California Region

With more than 200 people reporting to me, it is critical that I set the right example of leadership. Working with the SBA Network consultants has helped me to win cooperation from my managers and senior staff members.

SBA Network's accountability and leadership methods are more effective than traditional management techniques. The culture of our office has changed for the better. People are more energized by their work and our business metrics have significantly improved since beginning this consulting arrangement.

Increased Client Loyalty

flegenheimer logoLorraine Flegenheimer
Flegenheimer International

In the past, we would rely on typical sales tactics- chasing customers! That strategy was failing us. Our key managers worked with the SBA Network coaches and now all of our marketing is based on attraction. This has resulted in cost savings and increased client loyalty.

International transportation is an incredibly competitive business, particularly with the current fuel crisis. Competing on price was always a problem. One competitor after another forced us to drop our price lower and lower.

The SBA Network team showed us how to modify our strategy so that we could increase our price, build exceptional client value, and actually get people to come to us. Now we are one of the highest priced brokers in the country, yet we are more in-demand than ever before. We continue to add as many as 10 new clients every month and WE get to select with whom we do business.

If you have questions, I welcome you to email me at lorusa@aol.com

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We Doubled Our Business

a-1 logoGary Bull
A-1 Cold Storage, Inc.

The logistics business is a very complicated and highly technical field. When we began our consulting engagement with the SBA Network we were concerned about their ability to learn this business and if in fact their methods would apply to our industry. What we found, almost immediately, was that their initial assessment was extremely accurate and their accompanying recommendations made sense and were creatively conceived.

SBA Network helped us to redefine our exclusive solution, install standards and systems, and raise the expectations from our people, customers and vendors. After working with them for 2 years we doubled our business and just moved to a state-of-the-art facility which is THREE times the size of our original warehouse. This will allow us to achieve the five year plan that their consultants helped us to develop.

I Really Did Attract More Clients!

Rochelle Schneider
RJS Consulting

As an attorney and executive MBA, I have years of training in business techniques. Even though with my MBA I have strategic marketing training, working with the SBA Network was invaluable because it helped me to actually execute techniques for developing an image and using it to attract clients. If you e-mail me at rjsconsult@aol.com, I will be happy to discuss the program and how it helped me.

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Changed Our Entire Business

Mike Blum- President
Compliance Poster Company

cpc logo

As you know, 911 and the Anthrax incidents changed the direct marketing industry forever. List brokers that have been in business for 70 years had to close their doors. Also the US POST OFFICE has never been able to get back up to speed or repair their new machinery that eats catalogs. Working on the theory of diminishing returns the post office also raised prices to compensate for the lost bulk mail processing, driving more business to the internet.

To survive the tremendous ordeal the direct marketing industry was going through CPC desperately needed a new paradigm. We needed to reinvent ourselves and become a sales organization. A great product was screaming for a way to sell itself.

The marketing techniques which the SBA Network helped implement at CPC have been instrumental in changing us from a direct marketing company into a sales organization that has a tightly focused niche with a strong web and Email presence. CPC has become an incubator where new ideas are hatched and implemented. We worked with other coaches and consultants but we they were unable to instigate significant change.

We strongly recommend that other companies make the paradigm shift if they have the courage to change their perception about a marketplace that has left many companies struggling to survive.

Your friend,

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