Customized Solutions

Every solution that we deliver to our clients is customized to meet very specific needs and expectations. Therefore no two engagements are alike. Before implementing any campaign we first perform a detailed opportunity analysis, market position study and corporate culture assessment. We then identify opportunities for growth and develop a quantifiable return on investment model. This allows us to customize solutions that can deliver and often exceed the expected results. See client case studies for more information.

Visit the links below for a description of typical components of a client engagement strategies:

Branding for Market Advantage
Business Growth Assessment, Planning and Implementation
Continuous Improvement Initiatives
CRM System Planning, Development and Training
Market Segmentation and Penetration Initiatives
On-line Strategies and Web-based Growth Initiatives
Planning for Optimized Distribution and Sales Channels
Process Standards and Systems Creation
Product Development and Exclusive Solution Construction
Viral and Buzz Marketing Strategies

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SBA Network, Inc. donates 10% of their profits from new client engagements to Heart Share Health and Human Services to help those less fortunate in our society.
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